Greater Emmanuel has a variety of Ministries that will help to build the TOTAL MAN!  

Ministry Opportunities @ GEFWC

  • Adjutants

    Brother Richard Johnson & Sister Patricia Griffin

    The individuals appointed to this office are those of willing heart who realize the value of serving religious leadership.

  • Altar Workers

    Evangelist Janelle Williams

    This ministry’s mission is to create and promote an atmosphere to for seekers to have an encounter with Christ as they become generational builders of the Kingdom of God. The team is comprised of men and women who desire to see the lost birthed into the Kingdom. We come together and intercede for the lost, sick and the oppressed because we want to see all men everywhere to come to repentance.

  • Greater E Student Ministries

    Sister Tabitha & Brother Leonard Martin

    We are of the firm belief that an investment must be made in our youth. This ministry allows the children ages 3-12 at GEFWC to attend their own church service on every 1st and 3rd Sunday. The children are exposed to lessons and activities that

    will peak their interests.  We desire to impact them into becoming "disciples in Christ"

  • Culinary

    This ministry is responsible for all foods served here at GEFWC.  They are held accountable for the dining facilities while providing delectable foods and services for all special occasions, upon request.  

  • Deacons

    Deacon Kedric Martin

    The word deacon is derived from the Greek word diakonos, which is often translated as servant or more specifically, waiter. The Deacon Ministry provides a service that allows our Pastor the ability to concentrate on being the overseer of the church. The deacons minister to the natural and spiritual needs of those in the local assembly.

  • Door Keepers

    The Ushers Ministry is responsible for helping to provide a welcoming and orderly environment during the worship services. Ushers assist with seating, receiving, offerings, serving Communion, and responding to emergencies in addition to health professionals.

  • Outreach Ministry  

    Minister Jocelyn Williams

    This ministry extends to the four corners of the world beyond the four walls. We are here to minister to the lost, hurting, and displaced individuals throughout the community, city and worldwide. We evangelize the gospel of Jesus Christ so that men from all walks of life can come to the savior of this world in a personal way.

  • Guest Services

    Evangelist Gloria Jackson

    The Greeters Ministry provides a warm welcome to all members and visitors before each worship service and GEFWC events. Greeters are stationed throughout the Sanctuary entrances to offer smiles, handshakes/hugs, and general assistance. They are also responsible for assuring that our special invited guests receive a five star experience during their stay in Houston. The ministry coordinates travel and accommodates the needs of these special guests.

  • Intercessors

    Lady Tammy Stewart

    This Ministry stands as gap dwellers for GEFWC and its leaders. We are dedicated to interceding for the overall well-being of our church family, city and our global community in prayer.

  • Marketing Ministry

    Elder Diamond Robinson

    The marketing ministry is responsible for the design of all print and web media at GEFWC. Working with top design software and marketing tools we endeavor to present the ministry to the world in excellence.

  • Marriage Ministry  

    Dr. Titus & Lady Tammy Stewart

    This ministry is designed to develop and encourage married couples using biblical and realistic principles. Whether providing suggestions to keep the “passion going” or rebuilding a marriage in distress, this ministry is a blessing to all married couples! We offer teaching sessions where Pastor and lady Stewart, along with other qualified clinical practioners, share practical messages that provide essentials for a healthy marriage.

  • Media, Sound, Lighting & IT  

    Brother David Wall

    This ministry’s objective is to enhance the ministry pf Christ at GEFWC through audio and visual technology. Our responsibilities include the creation and maintenance of digital media distribution and sales (CD/DVD/Podcasts) and nay other resource the advances the teaching and preaching of God.

  • Men of Valor

    Deacon Ted Montgomery

    This is a ministry of unconditional love and encouragement designed to proclaim God’s love, nurture servanthood relationships, build strong families and train godly leaders for service in God’s kingdom. Our passion is to see men mature spiritually in their relationship with God, take on the mantle of leadership in their families and use their gifts and talents for the service of the church community.

  • Music & Sacred Arts

    This ministry is an anointed ministry of GEFWC which is comprised of skilled musicians, singers and composers who have committed themselves and their talents to God.

  • New Members

    Evangelist Gloria Jackson

    This ministry’s purpose is to welcome and share ministry information to the new members of GEFWC church family by: becoming familiar with our leader’s vision, understanding the apostolic doctrine, discovering the church history, exposure to the various ministries & activities, and to present an opportunity for them to become active.

  • Singles Serving God Until (SSGU)
    Sister Patrice Dubose

    This ministry encourages all single people to embrace their God given purpose in singleness with Christ. SSGU is designed to minister to all facets of single living, senior citizens, single males, single females, divorced singles, single parents and single with the desire to be married. The many variations are designed with the intent to inform and inspire all single to live their lives in accordance to the acronym SSGU (Single Serving God Until…)

  • Women With Purpose
    Lady Tammy Stewart

    This ministry is designed to build women, causing them to reach their God given potential. Our desire is to minister to the minds of women’s confidence, self-esteem, and their relationship with God. Women with Purpose’s goal is to cause all women to declare that, “I am who GOD says I am!”

  • Greater E Student Ministries - Youth & Young Adult
    Elder Diamond Robinson & Minister Jocelyn Williams

    We are identified, the youth and young adult ministry here at Greater E! Age doesn’t define us; we are identified by the love and passion we have for Jesus, our church and community around us. We focus on all aspects of life, including but not limited to sexual abstinence, financial management, social awareness/networking, educational awareness,

    anger management and relationships both natural and spiritual.